Last Day

Well, she’s coming along.  In order to meet my goal of finishing one panel a month I would have to finish this one by tonight.  We’ll see.  She’s not centered on the panel which is bugging me.  I have this terrible problem with proportions, my figures always, always always grow larger than I intended.  I have always compensated for this by working very large.  This panel is 6X6 inches.  Tiny.

This is an unfinished panel from BK, before I had kids.  It shows how my new work is picking up the thread from where I left off.  Funny how that works.

I have enjoyed the art every day month and all of your blogs and posts as well.  This is a lovely community of creative types, so grateful to have stumbled in.


panel with sketch

Sorry this is hard to see, but the sketch has to be erasable.  The arm is too short so I need to erase and redo quite a bit.  My goal is to finish one panel per month.  This little panel should come along if I can get the drawing right.  I have to remember to take risks and not worry about it being pretty.


Creativity comes in many sizes and shapes.  For Thanksgiving I was asked to make dessert.  My favorite task!  My goto cookbook is the Joy of Cooking.  This is the raspberry chocolate cream cake, which begins with a genoise (unleavened cake) and involves about 500 steps and every bowl and utensil I own.  Also Chambord soaked into the cake layers.  Seriously delish.

I also finished the card with the kimono pattern.

Hmmm…. I loved this pattern so much, where shall I find more?  I do love Islamic tile patterns.  There was a great book on these at the library if I can find it.


thankfull circles

This is an updated version of Dive: Kimono.  Sort of a working draft.  I need to take a photograph of the pose and study the anatomy of the arm a bit.  Also the background is too strong.

Yesterday I transferred the kimono pattern to a gessoed board.

It’s hard to see it here.  I could go over the pattern with a pen or something to make it stronger, or decide that I like the faded look.  It’s printer ink though, and perhaps not so archival, so I’ll probably go over it.

But see this drawing that I’m working on (updated from an earlier post):

The free hand drawing has a lot more life.  Of course it’s not as faded, but still.   Drawing circles freehand is a bit difficult, but the curvy lines are fun.

My oldest daughter, seeing me at work, did this quite spontaneously yesterday:

Which reveals the true value of regular creative work where your children can see you.   I love the title:  thankfull circles.  Happy Thanksgiving!


A few more sketches

  This is a sketch of my son, from last Thursday I think.  It’s not quite right, the profile that is, but beginning to capture his curly hair.

I did this one while the kids were in gymnastics, attempting to draw the kimono plate pattern freehand.  A protractor would come in handy here to draw the circles.  Also I’m not sure if I want to attempt to draw the pattern on my panel, or try a gesso transfer.  Definitely leaning toward the latter.  But I do need to get started on that panel if I’m going to finish by the end of November!

And this one is a sketch of my daughter while we were at church.  Someone saw that I was reading a book on Krishnamacharya and recommended that I read Acts of Faith.  These sketches show that if I’m determined, I can squeeze some drawing into small blocks of time and do at least something creative every day.


Kimono Plate.

So years ago in a Martha Stewart magazine I found this image of a transferware plate with a kimono inspired/derived pattern:

I ran it through the printer after sizing it to match the page.  Then I printed my “Dive” image on top.

I’m still working on the result, but here’s a work in progress- consider it a rough draft.  So if I can transfer the pattern onto my panel…


Finally, this is totally a digital manipulation and an accident to boot, but I like it:


Ustrasana with Chakras experiment

The photo below is from friday.  One of my daughters took the picture on my iPhone.  I wish I had a little more detail of the musculature but I can’t blame that all on the phone or the amateur photographers!  I’m thinking about what will happen around/ behind Ustrasana, but in some ways that’s hard to plan.  What’s my goal here?  The drawing from yesterday includes the chakras.  I have this old book with symbolic images for each chakra.  I don’t know what they all mean.  As I understand it, chakras are wheels of energy, energetic centers in the body.  I don’t think of them personally as scientific reality, but they do seem to me to be an interesting way of thinking about energy in the body, how it moves and flows or doesn’t flow.  I met a man recently who swore that the chakras are real and could be clearly felt in the body.  All I know for sure is that something happens when you start bending backwards, emotional energy is released and people often cry and meltdown.  In a good way.

Another problem is that the pose is more of a square than a rectangle.  I’m looking at my decidedly rectangular panel.  I can make that work, maybe, but do I want to?  Here is one final thought.  The panel doesn’t have to be the final version, it could be a study for a larger piece.  Which could mean finding a larger and more square panel, stretching a canvas, or gessoing some paper.  It depends on how much I want to collage and transfer versus paint.







Creative Every Day 10

I think I need to paint and soon.  I promised that I would do something wild and free today, but this doesn’t really live up to that promise.  The idea to do something wild and free came from a conversation about children’s art, and how they approach the page without fear or trepidation.  But today was a day full of weighty grown-up responsibilities and phone-calls.  Not so wild, not so free.  The inspiration is a photo of Beryl Birch from her book “Power Yoga,” which is really all about Ashtanga yoga.  I begin to appreciate the simple lines of Ustrasana.





Day 8

Day 8.  I supposed I could have figured that I was hanging an exhibit at the local library where I am the curator, but daily drawing has been a goal of mine for a long time and I’m on a roll this week.  I arrived at the library a bit early and drew this from my imagination (and memory).  Here’s a detail.  I took the pictures with my new phone, and it’s pretty good.  The color is still a bit warm, but I think that’s the combination of the lighting in my kitchen and the cream paper in my journal.

I was done, really, with more than enough to do tonight and this week, but my middle daughter was said and I love her new haircut, so here’s another sketch from today.

 Hmm…. not enough contrast and the arm is funky.  Still, it looks like her and it made her sad face turn into a smile.