David Swenson in Ustrasana

I’m only posting this because I said I  would post one everyday, and this is what I drew yesterday.  At the moment I hate it.  It’s David Swenson, from his book on Ashtanga Yoga.  It just bothers me that he’s so not in it.  I’m itching to paint more flowing forms, but perhaps I’m just impatient with the fussiness and precision of drawing.  Oh to work from life!  It’s going to be tough to squeeze in a drawing today, but I will try very hard even if it’s just a quick one.



Days 4,5 and 6

Megan from Damn Good Yoga gave me permission to post the drawing I made of her in Ustrasana.  Click on the drawing below to check out her excellent website.

Full disclosure- I didn’t draw anything on Saturday.  We just got our power back on Friday and Saturday I went food shopping, moved my stuff out of my cousin’s house (a blessing on your head cousin!) and took my kids trick or treating.  And cleaned my kitchen, washing week old dishes from the dishwasher (eeuuww).  Luckily, I found an extra drawing that I had made while at the library the other day.

Finally, day 6.  I feel a little guilty about this one as I drew it in church.

I could obviously benefit from better lighting skills, and a little anatomy would be useful as well.  Okay, a lot.  The shoulder joint is tricky and so is the connection between the head and the neck, the neck and the torso.  Not to mention the hands!  I don’t know that much about chakras either, but I’m learning.


Welcome to my Art Blog

I’m off to a slow start due to a freakish snowstorm that hit New England before the leaves fell off the trees.  No power for 6 days!  But I’ve been following through my intention to draw every day, a long time goal of mine, along with the creative folks following the Creative Every Day November Challenge.

I’m committed to posting a drawing everyday, good or bad.  So here goes days one through four:

 Day one is a drawing from Leslie Kaminoff’s book on anatomy.

  Day 2 is more from Kaminoff’s book, and another more free form drawing of the pose.  I’ll add more information in the next post, but basically I’m working with one pose a month with the intention of making a painting, so November is all about Ustrasana, or Camel pose, and these are preparatory studies.

On day 3 I was at the library with my daughter (we still had no power), and she helped me out on the left hand side.  Her additions bring life to this pose and I am reminded of the Egyptian goddess Nut against the starry sky.  I have a cool picture of her somewhere I should post.

Hmmm… I have images from day 4 but I think I have to get permission to post them first, as they are from a yogi’s website.  I’ll have to ask her.  So trust me, I drew today.  Not bad for a week with no power!