Christine in Kapotasana

I drew this one at the gymnsatics studio yesterday.  Developing a habit of daily drawing forces me to get creative about when and where I draw.  I’ll draw anywhere now and I’m no longer so shy of who sees me.  I love the fingers, not so enamored of the lower legs which look like I paid no attention to them, poor Christine.  Thinking about pattern and this was the simplest one I could think of.  I like how the pattern vibrates with energy.


bending backwards

Awkward and ill proportioned, to be sure, but it’s a start!

I priced out a set of 4 24 inch square deep cradled panels, which are a bit pricey but I don’t have to frame later.  Framing becomes optional, which is lovely.  I love the idea of making a very accurate pencil sketch of this photo of Ursula, but I don’t want the panels to ultimately be precise photo realistic drawings.  I’m still trying to figure out how to render the figure and yet make it modern.  Modern, but timeless.  Thinking about incorporating patterns.  Perhaps books on Indian Art would be a place to start?  I love Islamic tile patterns but they don’t fit the theme so well.  The other idea is to collage layers of meaning and visual interest.  To imply the depths of the yoga practice, what it reveals and how it transforms.  Perhaps this is better.  Easier to collage onto a panel than onto canvas, as well.


New Series

It feels like this terribly old fashioned thing to be an artist who loves to draw the figure.  The art world is all mad for the conceptual, which I also love, but sometimes I feel the balance is off.  There is still something of value in what happens between the hand, eye and paper.



Sycamore by the Donut Stand

Finished with this one and moving on to the next series of drawings this week.  Clicking on the picture will link to an essay titled “Symbiosis” on my yoga blog, but not until later on today.

Oh drat, if I look at it too much I’ll see how much more I could do with it.  There’s a brach on the left hand side that doesn’t look “finished.”




American Sycamore?

I googled around and discovered that this may be an American Sycamore, based on the peeling bark.  I have to go back and look for hanging fruit balls.  Fruit balls?

There is still a little finish work to be done, some cleaning up and tidying up and so forth.  I also feel like the branches on the far right above the lattice work are flat.  But I’m eager to start in on some yoga pose drawings, so I’m not going to spend too much longer.  Aiming to finish completely tomorrow/this weekend and start fresh on Monday.  When I’m done I’ll link it to my yoga blog and post an essay on trees I’ve been hoarding for a while, an excerpt of which is printed in the very back of the last issue of Wild Apples.


Nearing the finish line on this one…

I still don’t know what the name of this tree is!  But I may be able to find out tonight at the library if I can get my hands on a book that allows me to identify a tree by its bark.  It’s a little tricky with no leaves…

I volunteered to help backstage with my daughter’s musical recently and they had a singing instructor work with the young thespians before the show to warm up their voices, singing silly things like the alphabet in different keys.  What do artists do to warm up?  It occurs to me that drawing from life for 15 minutes would not be a bad warm-up.  In figure drawing we used to do 60 second poses for the first 10 minutes as a warm-up, gradually lengthening the pose.

What do you do to warm up for your artistic practice?