Gelatin Printing

We had a friend over and did some gelatin printing the other night.  This is the cream of the crop by my eye, with loads of “lesser” images that will be great collage material.  I’m thinking about framing these and putting them up, the surfaces are so seductive.  It feels a little indulgent.  Perhaps I don’t need to rent time at a print studio if I can do this, not sure yet.

One was done with a star sticker stuck to the end of a finger and gently pressed into the inked gelatin.  Another is some mesh I had saved, a bag for onions.  S stretched it out and printed it that way.  The ghost images are often better than the first print.

A and I took a workshop on this technique with Linda Branch Dunn a few years ago at the library.  She told me about Linda Germaine’s website, which includes the recipe and many more helpful tips, even a short how to video.


What I Did on my Summer Vacation

I’m no watercolorist, but I did one every day.  I always began with some warm-up drawing, and usually my daughter painted too.  What strikes me is the enormous difference from day 1 to day 6.  I was looking at Frank Benson and Andrew Wyeth.






Thursday- there’s a children’s book called Carmine:  A Little More Red that says every painting should have a little red in it.  The author has a point.


Friday- that reflection is my daughter fishing on the dock




I spent a lot of time this week looking at water and trying to figure out how to paint it.  I have a profound new respect for all the artists who do it well.  It wouldn’t kill me to study with someone who knows what they’re doing and I’ve been eyeing Joel Janowitz’s summer class at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA for a few years now.  But it didn’t fit my schedule this year and instead I’m leaving Sunday for a class in carborundum printmaking with Louise Hamlin.  Very excited.