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My prints and multi-media pieces inhabit the space between yearning and falling, between striving to realize a potential, and the habits/patterns/programs that enmesh us in ways of being that do not serve our higher selves.  The LIQUORS sign becomes a stand-in for addictions of all kinds, and the hopelessness that trails them. The asana, or yoga poses, represent an embodied, intuitive knowing that links human potential with universal themes; dendrites and star charts, our mitochondria like tiny suns inside our bodies.  In the time bound dance between despair and enlightenment, time, pattern and color all have their part to play.

Moving forward, my process is entering a research phase as I complete the Asana series and think more deeply about neurons, dendrites, and tree roots.  The connections between things interest me greatly – the linkage between neurons and start charts, what happens as information travels along synapses, how does this relate to the mycorrhizae that bond symbiotically with tree roots in ways that enhance the survival of both organisms?  I’m interested in creating prints and site specific installations that explore these ideas and hint at what they might mean to humanity, inferring the idea that a larger view of the universe might give us perspective on our frail notions species-hood and our anthropocentric world.

6 thoughts on “About me”

    1. Sorry Stanton, you contacted me ages ago and I never answered. I’m sorry about that- it wasn’t very professional of me. I’m afraid you caught me in a period in which I faltered and wasn’t making much work or checking my website for comments. I’m back to work now and working to develop my business. I hope you found some art you liked!

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