About me


I am an artist/ curator who makes monoprints and gelatin prints that frequently feature yoga poses.  I love art in all its myriad forms, contemporary and ancient, abstract and realistic.  As I mature as a human being (at least I hope that’s what is happening) I appreciate that there is art everywhere, especially in the places we might never look.  There is an art to raising children, an art to treating people decently in difficult situations, and just about anything else you might imagine.

This is not to cheapen the fine arts, far from it.  Whether made with oil on canvas or the detritus of modern civilization, who we are as a people is reflected in the work we create.  For better and for worse.

In short life, if lived with attention and intention, is an art form.  From the way you walk, the way you present yourself to the world, to the way you treat those whose good opinion you do not depend on.  In the end most of what we make will crumble.  You can carve in stone, and still the water will wear it down.

Create a good life anyway.

6 thoughts on “About me

    1. Sorry Stanton, you contacted me ages ago and I never answered. I’m sorry about that- it wasn’t very professional of me. I’m afraid you caught me in a period in which I faltered and wasn’t making much work or checking my website for comments. I’m back to work now and working to develop my business. I hope you found some art you liked!

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