Deborah Santoro, Artist & Curator

Deborah Santoro uses light, paper, copper, and silk to make hybrid beings who encapsulate forgotten histories intertwined with contemporary streams of thought that speak to co-existence with a troubled planet. With homebases in painting and printmaking, Santoro flexes an interdisciplinary practice to make work that engages the senses.

Deborah is an MFA candidate (2023) at the Maine College of Art & Design and holds a BA Studio Art from Wellesley College. She is also the Gallery Director for the University Gallery at UMass Lowell. Deborah has shown work at the Fitchburg Art Museum, the Fuller Craft Museum, the Maine College of Art & Design, the Brush Gallery, the Arts League of Lowell, MA, and Northern Essex Community College, among others. She is a member of the Boston Printmakers and Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence, MA.

6 thoughts on “Deborah Santoro, Artist & Curator”

  1. Deborah: is your art for sale? Would love to talk to you about this…..
    Stanton Kawer

    1. Sorry Stanton, you contacted me ages ago and I never answered. I’m sorry about that- it wasn’t very professional of me. I’m afraid you caught me in a period in which I faltered and wasn’t making much work or checking my website for comments. I’m back to work now and working to develop my business. I hope you found some art you liked!

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