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Ayer, MA. A 70’s era vertical LIQUORS sign with a Futura typeface – the letters slowly evolve into spinning chakras, wheels of energy that might or might not have a home in our bodies, that might or might not be sites of healing and growth. The sign has become a potent symbol of addiction as my work grapples with loss and healing. Research led me to the neuron forest – a pseudo-mythical space populated by radiolarian molecules infused with the chemical markers of heroin. Moths and butterflies, often altered, wander the neuron forest quite lost, drawn to find that which would be better left unfound. Twenty first century shield matrons search for ways to capture them with tools of little use: the cellphone and the butterfly net.

My prints and multi-media pieces inhabit the space between yearning and falling, between striving to realize a potential, and the habits, patterns, and programs that enmesh us in ways of being that do not serve our higher selves. Along the way, I have been influenced by artists such as Adam Pendleton, Jasper Johns, Nancy Spero, and Santiago Ramón y Cajal.


I trained as a painter at MassArt and Wellesley College and was gradually seduced by the possibilities inherent in printmaking. My work explores themes of addiction, loss, and hope to create prints and installations that explore what it means to fall. I work conceptually, interweaving the digital with the haptic, because the presence of the human hand has always been what draws me in to the work.

6 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Deborah: is your art for sale? Would love to talk to you about this…..
    Stanton Kawer

    1. Sorry Stanton, you contacted me ages ago and I never answered. I’m sorry about that- it wasn’t very professional of me. I’m afraid you caught me in a period in which I faltered and wasn’t making much work or checking my website for comments. I’m back to work now and working to develop my business. I hope you found some art you liked!

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