Welcome to my Art Blog

I’m off to a slow start due to a freakish snowstorm that hit New England before the leaves fell off the trees.  No power for 6 days!  But I’ve been following through my intention to draw every day, a long time goal of mine, along with the creative folks following the Creative Every Day November Challenge.

I’m committed to posting a drawing everyday, good or bad.  So here goes days one through four:

 Day one is a drawing from Leslie Kaminoff’s book on anatomy.

  Day 2 is more from Kaminoff’s book, and another more free form drawing of the pose.  I’ll add more information in the next post, but basically I’m working with one pose a month with the intention of making a painting, so November is all about Ustrasana, or Camel pose, and these are preparatory studies.

On day 3 I was at the library with my daughter (we still had no power), and she helped me out on the left hand side.  Her additions bring life to this pose and I am reminded of the Egyptian goddess Nut against the starry sky.  I have a cool picture of her somewhere I should post.

Hmmm… I have images from day 4 but I think I have to get permission to post them first, as they are from a yogi’s website.  I’ll have to ask her.  So trust me, I drew today.  Not bad for a week with no power!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my Art Blog”

  1. These are all very well done ~ Fun! Glad you got your power back! ~ I live in NE ~ loooong winters! ~ enjoy the day ~thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy CEDM ^_^

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