Day 8

Day 8.  I supposed I could have figured that I was hanging an exhibit at the local library where I am the curator, but daily drawing has been a goal of mine for a long time and I’m on a roll this week.  I arrived at the library a bit early and drew this from my imagination (and memory).  Here’s a detail.  I took the pictures with my new phone, and it’s pretty good.  The color is still a bit warm, but I think that’s the combination of the lighting in my kitchen and the cream paper in my journal.

I was done, really, with more than enough to do tonight and this week, but my middle daughter was said and I love her new haircut, so here’s another sketch from today.

 Hmm…. not enough contrast and the arm is funky.  Still, it looks like her and it made her sad face turn into a smile.



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