Ustrasana with Chakras experiment

The photo below is from friday.  One of my daughters took the picture on my iPhone.  I wish I had a little more detail of the musculature but I can’t blame that all on the phone or the amateur photographers!  I’m thinking about what will happen around/ behind Ustrasana, but in some ways that’s hard to plan.  What’s my goal here?  The drawing from yesterday includes the chakras.  I have this old book with symbolic images for each chakra.  I don’t know what they all mean.  As I understand it, chakras are wheels of energy, energetic centers in the body.  I don’t think of them personally as scientific reality, but they do seem to me to be an interesting way of thinking about energy in the body, how it moves and flows or doesn’t flow.  I met a man recently who swore that the chakras are real and could be clearly felt in the body.  All I know for sure is that something happens when you start bending backwards, emotional energy is released and people often cry and meltdown.  In a good way.

Another problem is that the pose is more of a square than a rectangle.  I’m looking at my decidedly rectangular panel.  I can make that work, maybe, but do I want to?  Here is one final thought.  The panel doesn’t have to be the final version, it could be a study for a larger piece.  Which could mean finding a larger and more square panel, stretching a canvas, or gessoing some paper.  It depends on how much I want to collage and transfer versus paint.






3 thoughts on “Ustrasana with Chakras experiment”

  1. I love your drawing and the pose. Yes, I think chakras are very real though I admit that I haven’t studied them too much. I have several books on the subject though…this post may encourage me to get back to reading them. Thanks.

    ~ Serena 🙂

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