thankfull circles

This is an updated version of Dive: Kimono.  Sort of a working draft.  I need to take a photograph of the pose and study the anatomy of the arm a bit.  Also the background is too strong.

Yesterday I transferred the kimono pattern to a gessoed board.

It’s hard to see it here.  I could go over the pattern with a pen or something to make it stronger, or decide that I like the faded look.  It’s printer ink though, and perhaps not so archival, so I’ll probably go over it.

But see this drawing that I’m working on (updated from an earlier post):

The free hand drawing has a lot more life.  Of course it’s not as faded, but still.   Drawing circles freehand is a bit difficult, but the curvy lines are fun.

My oldest daughter, seeing me at work, did this quite spontaneously yesterday:

Which reveals the true value of regular creative work where your children can see you.   I love the title:  thankfull circles.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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