Last Day

Well, she’s coming along.  In order to meet my goal of finishing one panel a month I would have to finish this one by tonight.  We’ll see.  She’s not centered on the panel which is bugging me.  I have this terrible problem with proportions, my figures always, always always grow larger than I intended.  I have always compensated for this by working very large.  This panel is 6X6 inches.  Tiny.

This is an unfinished panel from BK, before I had kids.  It shows how my new work is picking up the thread from where I left off.  Funny how that works.

I have enjoyed the art every day month and all of your blogs and posts as well.  This is a lovely community of creative types, so grateful to have stumbled in.

3 thoughts on “Last Day”

  1. I enjoy your blog as well as your art. I think there is so much to learn from what others say about their process, progress and obstacles. I always a few words with my pictures

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