Puddles and Reflections

In thinking about what to draw, I read something by the musician Bill Frisell in the liner notes for “all we are saying…”  He writes:  “Ever since I’ve entered into the world of music, I’ve never really had to figure out what to do.  The music always tells you what to do, where to go.  There’s always something new waiting right there in front of you.”

Of course.

Yesterday I drew this:

Coincidentally at the library the same night, I found a book on drawing that includes exactly such a jar.  Much more meticulously drawn than mine, i might add.

But I keep thinking about this Escher print which I saw in Art New England:

M.C. Escher

Click on the image to get to the Artists’ Market website in Connecticut, where this print can be found.  I have a feeling the price is out of my range.

I have all these photographs of reflections that I have taken over the years while walking my dog.  This may be just the thing to work on for while.  Here’s a sample, but I’m sure I have better somewhere.  If not, I’ll take more.


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