Draft 2 Reflections

My daughter says that this looks like scribbles.  Hopefully when it is finished it will look like leaves floating on reflections.  It was nice to work tonight with some suggestions from the book on drawing I’m reading.  I put a desk light in my work area, over my right side since I’m left handed so I don’t have to worry about cast shadows from my hand.  Working from right to left to avoid smearing the paper, putting a piece of paper underneath the drawing hand to keep it from smearing the graphite.  Also, I was extra careful to wash my hands first to avoid getting oil on the paper.

Must go, the children call.


2 thoughts on “Draft 2 Reflections”

  1. i LOVE your scribbles so far! i love the squiggly lines everywhere… one could say it’s abstract even. Nice work…
    keep posting, and thanks for sharing with the world.

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