Reflections Draft 3ish

Oh this is slow going indeed.  It makes it clear to me why I gave up my art practice when I had a 2nd and then a third child.  I couldn’t fit it into 15 minute increments.  Today a 1/2 hour went by.  No big deal you say?  Half hours are precious fare in my life.  Meanwhile the kids watch a video, the dogs look on longingly, supper is delayed.  My time is coming, I tell myself.  My time is coming.

2 thoughts on “Reflections Draft 3ish”

  1. You are so right – that your time is coming! I remember when my kids were younger – and it is much easier now to get into a large chunk of time now that they are older. It is even great that my teenagers want to be left alone- guilt free art time!

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