I didn’t post yesterday, but it was just the bare bones beginning of this.  This is a tracing that I will use to transfer the drawing to a piece of cotton rag Fabriano paper.  I did the original drawing freehand but the tree is complex enough that I wanted to get the proportions right.  I drove by the tree again today.  There are 2 of them, actually.  I can’t believe I never noticed them before.  From the car, the base of this tree appears large enough at the base that 2 of me probably couldn’t clasp our hands together around the trunk.  There must have been some negotiation between Dunkin Donuts and the town to keep those trees there when the place was built, for they are right on the edge of the property and it must have been difficult to bulldoze and lay pipes around the huge trees and their no doubt enormous root system.  Utterly magnificent.


This is my kitchen table, where I like to work for the light and the comfortable spot.  Also I can more easily let my dog in and out and keep tabs on him.  I share a studio/office space with my husband but it feels cluttered and not as light filled as I would like.

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