White Lattice

This is 2 days worth of short drawing sessions.  I’ve never really spent so much time on single drawings before, intending them as finished pieces.  Not sure where I’m going with all this, but it is seductive, this drawing business.  Sunday I was working on the white lattice, which I simplified a bit since it’s really 2 panels side by side.  I had to draw a preparatory sketch to understand how the slats interact.  I also found myself noticing lattice while driving around.  Drawing teaches you how to see, how to look, how to pay attention to your world and see what really is, not what you think you see.

Took a much longer walk in the woods than I intended this afternoon, but lucked out with this photo:

It reminds me of the Escher print I posted a photo a week or two ago:

Hmmm,… perhaps I should look as Escher some more.

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