sketches and concepts

Pitt markers in sketchbook

It was bath night, and I hadn’t drawn yet so I took my markers and sketchbook into the bathroom and sat on a blue plastic toddler chair.

Pitt markers in sketchbook

Hmm, wet curly hair is tricky- especially when the boy won’t sit still for more than a second!  The good thing?  It forces me to draw from memory a little.  Which I don’t like, but it’s an excellent skill nevertheless.

Kimono Pattern

Last fall I took a transfer workshop with artist Anne Krinsky.  This inkjet transfer into wet gesso has a few problems.

Here’s a stencil of Ursula in Ustrasana (camel pose).  I’ve made a few of these in different patterns to play around with.

This is me thinking outside the box for a moment.  I love the tile pattern here. From time to time I wonder why I’m posting all of this information.  Some people worry about their ideas being stolen.  That’s not a huge worry of mine, especially at this point.  So much of an artist’s worth is based on their identity anyway, which can only be built up over time and in relationship to other artists, dealers and curators anyway.  Mostly I’m here for the accountability.  It’s about showing up and doing what you said you’d do.  I like comments too, it’s hard to keep creating in a vacuum.  Artists do like attention after all!

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