Kapo Panels

I have ordered 3 16X20 cradled gessobord panels.  Very excited.  These are small studies for the larger pieces.  I need to play around a bit more with this new (to me) surface and see how it handles collage and so forth.  If you’ve been following these, this one is Christine in Kapotasana.  I also have Ursula for Ustrasana, and Peg for Laguvajrasana.  These three yoga poses are backbends from the 2nd (intermediate) series of Ashtanga yoga.  And besides all that, they are simply beautiful poses.

I’ve been slipping a bit on the daily drawing practice, so my goal this week is to catch myself and get back to it. Which I couldn’t do yesterday because I helped my sister move.  Today, my oldest daughter’s birthday, isn’t looking so great either.  Did I mention we had a birthday party this weekend?  I am so wrung out right now.  But here’s an idea- it could become a tradition to sketch my children on their birthdays.

And  I do want to draw every day this week, for on friday I’m planning to take those nifty grey pitt pens to see Sarah Jarosz in Cambridge.  We’ve got a great seat and I should be able to sketch to my heart’s content.  I’ve learned that if I draw daily, then I don’t have to start from scratch.  Proportions and textures come more easily and I am more confident.  So today, draw,  even if only for 5 minutes!!!


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