Tough Day in the Studio

Nothing went quite as I planned.  The things I thought would look great fell flat.  Luckily there were a few surprises.





I don’t know.  The stencils aren’t behaving as I’d like, and I can’t seem to get any detail onto them.  Or I can, but it doesn’t print.  And I know, there’s no contrast in these images.  Maybe I should try to carve a stamp of some sort for them, or try carving into linoleum.  There are a million printmaking techniques but not so many that you can do at home without a press.

2 thoughts on “Tough Day in the Studio”

  1. Printmaking is tough, but can result in ashtonishing images when you “get” it. Although I know very little about printmaking, I’ve always found the images fascinating. Good luck with your experiments and hope you’ll have a better day tomorrow! 🙂

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