Ruth Lockhart Kimber

This is the 2nd page of my grandmothers book, most likely made for her by her father, Sidney Arthur Kimber.  Sidney worked in the printing industry in Cambridge and wrote a book about printmaking practices in Boston in the 17th century.



The neat even writing is amazing in and of itself.  The attention to font is noteworthy also.

Here is the text:

Ruth Lockhart Kimber

Born, Easter Sunday, the 12th of April, 1903, at nine o’clock in the morning, at 93 Ashmont Street, Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts.  Weighed nine pounds and a quarter.  Blue eyes, black hair.

Doctor — Robert B. Scales

Nurse —- Mrs. Garnage

Her first outing — April, 29th

Her first call — on Mrs Fraser with nurse


My camera isn’t quite up to the task here.  The ink is gold with a bit of a sheen to it, and the hand is sure.

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