Another Backbending Print


It seems an age since I’ve gotten any paint under my fingernails, so this print makes me happy.  It’s another image from the back bending series and it was done using a stencil, a gelatin plate, and some hand carved rubber plates that I’ve used for previous images.  There is so much more to do in this series, but it’s all on hold while we sell our house and prepare to move.  Not far, only the next town over, but the new house is bigger with a bedroom for everyone and a studio space for me.  I could even put an etching press in the basement, which I just might.

Many changes coming with the new year, so many it makes my head spin but it’s all good and once the dust settles I’m going to start this series in earnest.

Meanwhile, a recent trip to MFA Boston to see Sargent’s watercolors was beautifully illuminating.  A few examples to tempt you- go there if you can.  No one, and I mean no one could draw like Sargent.  I know, they’ve done all these studies about expertise in the arts having more to do with the hours you spend than any sort of gift you might have.  But then there’s Sargent.


IMG_3896This one was called The Tramp, but it might have been a friend of his that posed.  If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t have believed you could a paint such a likeness in watercolor.  The focus here isn’t great because it’s behind glass and I wasn’t the only viewer so enamored.


One of the last pictures as you’re leaving the exhibit and heading towards the giftshop.  Nearly abstract, just enough detail to hold the center.  So if you go, pace yourself and save some energy for the end- it’s worth it.

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