akua, journal, tile pattern

Sketchbook Thoughts

Lately my sketchbook has been a place to catch spare ink, notes from podcasts, and stray thoughts I don’t have time to tend to just yet.  The page below is bit of a breakthrough in my thinking.  The letters are from a liquor store sign in a nearby town, carved onto a plate and stamped here.


Below is the same idea with the LIQUOR sign, but I didn’t like the scale and the obviousness of the whole thing, it seemed too too.  N’est-ce pas?

Colored pencil, pen and ink, birch bark, duct tape, akua ink.


And here is the Islamic pattern, although I goofed it up with too many circles.  Gouache paint, colored pencil, stray ink from a plate my oldest daughter carved.

I need to call it something else, do more research into these patterns and who made them.


I took the journal apart to photograph, intending to put it back together.  It’s one of those wire bound journals that the pages are forever falling out of.  Which turned out, in the end, to be rather useful.  However, middle child decided the wire was intriguing and gave it an entirely new shape.  It might be time for a new studio journal.

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