Chakras Evolve


I had the pleasure and honor of auditing a printmaking seminar with Phyllis McGibbon at my alma mater last fall.  This allowed me to try lithography for the first time, and to substantially improve my silk screening technique.  More importantly, my ideas and thinking evolved and the LIQUORS & Chakras series took a huge leap.

While I was writing a reflection paper for the class, my husband came up with the idea to put them all together in one image.  The resulting image (above) shows the original 70s era LIQUORS sign in Ayer, Massachusetts, alongside an early gelatin print version of the sign that is about 7 feet tall.  Figure 3 is a hanging mobile made of paper and transparent film, shown here before) and finally the black, white & silver prints in image 4 are my final project for the class, a series of 7 silkscreen prints.

between muladhara and sahasrara

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