New Print and 1/2 Year Goals


Here’s another version of the deep backbend known as kapotasana, or pigeon pose.  I’ve used a broken speedball plate to create some of the details in the floor and wall, which was a satisfying way to use a broken plate.


You can see the gravestone details here.  I’m still working on drawing the hand in this position.  I’m planning to do a lot more of these in the coming year, so I’ll keep working on those hands.  I have 2 big goals for the next six months:

1.  Get a new studio or update my existing studio (which depends on several other decisions falling into place, including whether or not we move).  This includes finding a gently used etching press.

2.  Start an artist’s group for artists who are working on exhibiting and/or selling their work.    A safe haven where we can support each other and brainstorm ideas, share skills and so forth.  So if I’m good at writing artist statements, maybe another artist is good at creating websites and we can share skills, presenting what we know to the group.  It will start with reading Jackie Battenfield’s book “The Artist’s Guide.”  I got this idea from Merill Comeau and her professional artist’s working group.  They recently presented at the Concord Art Association and you bet I was there taking notes!