Ball jar

I love the new suite of gray Pitt markers with the brush tips.  I think there needs to be some black, for contrast.  I drew this last night after the Light, Wood and Bronze reception for Linda Hoffman and Sue Salem.  I didn’t really feel like drawing, but I didn’t feel like going to bed without having drawn at all either.  So I cleaned my kitchen, scored and tore a piece of that new hot press rag paper into smaller rectangles, and commenced.

I spoke with Miranda at the reception.  She has an amazing website for StudioMothers.  I mentioned that there is this aspect of daily drawing, now that I’ve been doing it for  a couple of months, in which I don’t start every day as if I’ve never drawn before.  The drawing hand, the hand-eye coordination is already primed and ready to go.  And this in only 15 minutes a day.  Why didn’t I know this before?  Even when I was working regularly in my studio I never drew every day.  It’s hard to explain what a powerful practice this is, but I’m going to write it up and try.

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