MFA Boston

Too bad that arm looks a little rubbery, not so attached to the shoulder.  We went to the MFA today and they had a marvelous Paper Zoo exhibit Curated by Cliff Ackley.  They had a marvelous ink drawing (I think) of a porcupine by Leonard Baskin that both girls got a kick out of drawing and a gorgeous print of trout in the water by Neil Welliver, who I just adore.  I didn’t get to draw yesterday so I did two today to make up for it.  Vacation week!!!  I am having a wicked time making a drawing of my middle daughter into a likeness.  In this one I think she looks more like her older cousin.

1 thought on “MFA Boston”

  1. These are great! Bodies are a struggle sometimes. I’m realizing that I avoid them a little bit. Which means that’s exactly what I need to do.

    Thanks for sharing!

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