Mold and Butterflies

Spent a day in the studio, or the better part thereof.  Mostly I carved tiny pink worms from a Speedball plate.  Made mistakes but learned how to do it better next time.  These Islamic patterns are endlessly fascinating but devilishly tricky to reproduce.  This time I used an inverted drinking glass for the circle.

Playing with stencils, I traced a Swallowtail from a butterfly book, modified it, used clear mylar.  I think the stencils are nicer if they’re cut from heavy paper and coated with matte medium like LG suggested, but I can’t quite find my matte medium.  The pine needles my daughter gathered were a pleasant surprise, they held onto ink and reproduced the color in surprising ways.  I thought they would be more blobby.

Looking at my prints from last year, I need new photographs to work from in order to make new stencils.  So the next project is to invite a yogi friend over to practice, and hope she doesn’t mind if I take a few pictures.  Volunteers?



IMG_4224  IMG_4226  IMG_4228 IMG_4229

This is the plate I spent a few hours carving.  Already I need to start another as I can see how it could be better now.


While cutting stencils I made a corrugated cardboard version of the butterfly.  It didn’t work so well here, but I’ll try again with more colors.


Warning- not for the faint of heart.  This is what happens when your gelatin plate (no glycerin in this one) goes BAD:


Eew!  Beautiful too though.  Reminds me of a story a roofer told me about a guy in New Orleans who closed up his house and left. Came back to a mold colony that was unbelievable.  I think they had to seal off the house in plastic and go in in haz mat suits.  Still, it was beautiful in it’s own poisonous way.

I could spend days here… love the new studio!



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