Stencils and Stamps

All week I’ve been watching my class mates post their prints from our online gelatin printmaking class.  I confess to a certain amount of envy as I have been busy with work and family  life.  I was still busy today, went to the studio anyway.


I’m a bit behind on assignments, hoping to catch up a bit this weekend.  For the layering of shape prints, I chose 3 colors:  graphite, gold, and Indian red.  I also used some of my better paper, although I’m running out.  I believe it’s a lightweight version of Rives BFK.  Cream.  It’s supple and thin and perfect for gelatin printing.  Some of these stencils are older, a mix of mylar and coated paper.


I could work with registration a bit to even out the edges, but I sort of like the overlap and the unevenness of the aging plate.  Not a perfect rectangle.  Also here I forgot how thick the stencil on the left was, later I worked harder to regain the detail on her face.



More soon…



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